Research & Advocacy Areas

See below the key milestones and projected dates for completion. These milestones are in conjunction with the MAS response report submitted to UCSD Graduate Division and Graduate Council that stipulates completion and progress reports of certain actions to appropriately transition the MAS degree to the new proposed project.

List of Journal Publications

We will hold a new program committee advisory meeting that will provide an overview of the background of the project, the initial project concept, project related goals and milestones, and discussion about conducting a summer workshop in July 2017.

Other Written Works

We will target a late summer quarter workshop on biomedical policy and advocacy conducted in partnership with UCSD Extension to gauge interest from the community regarding the content of the new degree and conduct focus groups to better determine content areas of interest.

Media Coverage

The MAS program will provide a formal response to UCSD Graduate Council describing progress towards transitioning the degree, overall results of the workshop, and the MAS program plan moving forward.

Current Research Projects

The MAS program will submit a new graduate program plan requesting approval for a new hybrid masters of science degree in biomedical policy and advocacy.


See our FAQ on global health policy to learn some basics about the definition of global health policy, global health governance, and health diplomacy. Also see some discussion about how we approach global health policy research from an interdisciplinary lens.

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