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The Global Health Policy and Data Institute (GHPi) is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of important national, regional and global public health issues. The Institute focuses on core areas of research, data science, capacity building, and policy advocacy by strategically partnering with other institutions, educational programs and individuals. The goal of GHPi is to address important and underserved issues in global and domestic health, engage a broad array of stakeholders in problem solving and consensus building, and lead in the development of data-driven and evidence-based policymaking through research, instruction, and advocacy.


We believe that the only way to effectively tackle complex global health problems is through an interdisciplinary lens that embraces multiple areas of study, different stakeholders, and utilizes new and innovative cross-cutting methodologies


Research and the evidence it generates should be at the core of global policymaking. To this aim, GHPi is dedicated to addressing underserved and important topics through innovative research, application of data science, and policy, law and governance inquiry


To ensure evidence-based policymaking and advocacy, more global health practitioners with training in global health policy are necessary. GHPi fills this need by offering a variety of training and education options in the field

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Upcoming and Recent Publications

Xu Q, Purushothaman VL, Cuomo RE, Mackey TK. A Bilingual Systematic Review of South Korean Medical Tourism: A Need to Rethink Policy and Priorities for Public Health? BMC Pub Health. 2021; in press.

Cuomo RE, Purushothaman VL, Li J, Bardier C, Nali M, Shah N, Obradovich N, Yang J, Mackey TK. Characterizing Self-reported Tobacco, Vaping, and Marijuana-related Tweets Geolocated for California College Campuses. Front in Pub Health. 2021; in press.

Platt M, Hasselgren A, Román-Belmonte JM, Tuler de Oliveira M, De la Corte-Rodríguez H, Delgado Olabarriaga S, Rodríguez-Merchán EC, Mackey TK. Test, Trace, put on the Blockchain? A Viewpoint Evaluating the Use of Decentralized Systems for Algorithmic Contact Tracing to Combat a Global Pandemic. JMIR Public Health Surveil. 2021; in press

Chavez J, Shah NA, Ruoss S, Cuomo RE, Ward SR, Mackey TK. Online Marketing Practices of Regenerative Medicine Clinics in U.S.-Mexico Border Region: A Web Surveillance Study. Stem Cell Research & Therapy. 2021;12:189

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